• When We Leave

When We Leave

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Issue Number 4, When We Leave, features 17 artists and poets who identify as lesbian and have had experience with migration and immigration, international relocation, displacement, refugees & borders. Preface by Hila Amit.

WMN believes in representing sectors of the lesbian community that are not always given the visibility they deserve. We want to support lesbian artists and writers who have had experience migrating in any capacity. Given the current political climate throughout most of the globe, the experience for immigrants, or folks who have had life experience with migration, is often an underrepresented, complicated and beautiful personal story. Immigration is wrapped up in politics, language, family lineage, traditions, nostalgia, adaptation, the new, the unknown and the re-born. Most importantly, this topic is necessary for continued conversations around intersectionality, forward thinking and creating a world that acknowledges its history and supports its future.