Soba Cha Roasted Buckwheat Tea

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Toasted Rice | Cereal Grains | Soft Toasty Sweentness

Soba Cha (roasted buckwheat) tea. 100% caffeine and gluten free.

12 x 3g individually wrapped bags per box packaged in individually wrapped tea bag series made from Soiron, recycled and recylable corn polymer. 

Hot: 1st Steep: 1 bag of soba | 200g of water @ 200°F | Steep for 1 minute. 2nd Steep: 200°F | Steep for 1 minute

Cold: 2 bags per liter of cold water. Allow the tea and cold water to steep for 6 + hours (you can't over brew it). Stir to release flavor and color. Strain and enjoy.