Sick in Quarters (SiQ) is a network of disabled and chronically ill artists and activists, connected to each other and working in collaboration through the internet. As the pandemic continues to leave us and our community members behind, we stand together for our basic human right: survival. We ask you to support and advocate for your fellow global citizens, by any means possible. Keep us alive and able to *thrive*.

Thai Lu, ‘SiQ Sad World’ t-shirt
Somer Stampley, ‘SiQ Butterfly’ t-shirt 
Jen Shear, ‘Open Your Eyes to the World’ t-shirt
Mira Moore, ‘Sick in Quarters’ t-shirt (red & blue print)
Sonya Sombreuil design with text by Elaine Kahn, “ROMANCE” poster
Cecilia Caldiera design with poem by LA Warman, “POWER IS DECIDING” poster
Justin Sloane design with poem by Jen Fisher, “Untitled” poster
Evan Fusco, Mira Moore, Sasha Zamani, Otis Xx, & Vanessa Ehecatl Santos; postcard pack